Scanning Services

General Info

We can scan your books or documents and turn them into .pdfs, searchable .pdfs, Amazon Kindle format or .epub format.

All books need to have their spine removed for the scanning process to take place.

For documents, all staples and paper clips will be removed before scanning

Books and documents can be collected on request for an additional charge. They can also be posted or delivered to our address.

Scanned files can be sent by email or delivered on a CD, DVD or USB Stick on request.


We charge 10p a page to scan books or documents

No mimumim order amounts

Additional charge for collection of books or documents depending on size of order and location. A quote can be given for this.

Feel free to email us asking for a quote.

Formats we convert to

  • Download PDF FilePDF File
  • Download Word FileMicrosoft Word File
  • Download ePUB FileePUB File
  • Download Mobi FileKindle Mobi File