About Us

We are a business focussed on scanning books and documents in the Brighton & Hove area in the UK. We also accept orders from the surrounding area, from Lewes and Shoreham to Peacehaven and Seaford.

We accept small and large orders and have scanned documents and books for a wide range of academics and organisations.

We use the latest scanning technology to ensure the best quality possible.

Please get in touch if you are interested in our scanning services. Look through our website for samples of our work and for more details on the services we offer.

Our Services

  • Scanning books and documents.
  • Removing any staples or paper clips before scanning documents
  • Converting books and documents into .pdf, searchable .pdf, Amazon Kindle format or .epub format.
  • Picking up books and/or documents from their location on request.
  • Emailing a copy of the files scanned. For large orders, files can be put on a CD, DVD or USB Stick.